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women's empowerment project.

explaining fast fashion

"I don't really need it … but at such a low price … ah, what the hell … I'll go ahead and buy it" ‍

We've all done it. ‍

But there is a shadow to a low price tag. Not just the bad quality. A low price tag usually means that someone else is paying the price. Be it the mistreated animal or the underpaid worker. ‍

When we buy, we vote for the kind of world we want to live in. And as a consumer – and conscious human being – it can be hard to know what to do. ‍

Following the raging success of our sweater vón, we had to up the production. We needed more hands. And this is were we made a difference. ‍

Because there are two sides to Guðrun & Guðrun (there are two Guðruns after all). One of it is of course the gorgeous design – but the other is a firm stance in an industry where exploitation is a sad reality.

‍Our Women's empowerment project is a declaration to human rights and sustainable fashion. We are bringing back human decency to the fashion industry, and we are doing so by empowering women all over the world, who make our garments by hand.

dear diary

our superknitter ingun has knitted over 1000 sweaters

we did not celebrate it at all when ingun had knitted sweater number 1000 for us. we just didn't realize.

nadda is knitting for her life

nadda is knitting for her life

there are some syrian refugees among guðrun & guðrun’s knitters in jordan. one of them is nadda.

knitting for freedom: empowering refugees through employment

although the faroese fashion brand is embodied in tradition form the north-atlantic, a good part of their products is made by women in jordan.

syreen knits to help her family

syreen knits to help her family

syreen is a jordanian housewife, but after she has finished her daily housework, she knits to earn some extra money for the family.