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knitting was never cool around here.

But see, it wasn't always like that. There is actually an old Faroese saying: Ull er Føroya gull which means that wool is the gold of the Faroes. It was the most precious of materials back in the day. Its thickness kept you warm in winter, its breathability kept you cool in summer, and somehow – as if by magic – it also keeps you dry in pouring rain.


But the fact is – Faroese sheepskin has for decades been discarded and the wool been burnt around here. There was no market for it.  

And then something happened.

We at Guðrun & Guðrun turn Faroese wool into something usable, no scratch that – something of true value.  

We enter the fashion scene with traditional Faroese handknitted sweaters, and we want to turn people's heads – but we also want to change people's minds.

Because at heart this is a response to consumerism. Slow clothing is about integrity, decency, and above all – sustainability. Something the fashion world needs more of.  

And seeing how both high-end and high-street brands have been inspired by Guðrun & Guðrun, we can easily say that handknitting and slow clothing is now cool again.