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It’s all about decency.
Rooted in the Faroe Islands.
Hand-knitted by women we know.


we enter the fashion scene with traditional faroese handknitted sweaters, and we want to turn people’s heads – but we also want to change people’s minds. because at heart faroese knitwear is a response to fast fashion. this is slow clothing – which is about integrity, decency, and sustainability. something the fashion scene needs more of.

conscious consumerism

when we buy, we vote for the kind of world we want to live in. and as consumers it can be hard to know what to do. but a low price tag usually means that someone else is paying the price – the mistreated animal or the underpaid worker. we are bringing back human decency to the fashion industry, and we are doing so by empowering women all over the world, who make our garments by hand.

committing to eco

you want transparency and fairness? so do we. by buying ecological clothing you bring about a much needed environmental change. our eco line is a stable in our collection. these quality garments are super light, but will still keep you warm. they never change shape, but are as good as new after every wash. italian merino wool is all around the world considered the softest of lambswool. a quality you will get addicted to.

the hands behind
guðrun & guðrun

guðrun rógvadóttir


i got in the game because of ethics. i believe in equality and i will fight for equality. my background is in political science, so when we went one-on-one with the fashion industry i wanted to cause a stir. guðrun & guðrun is my life's work.

guðrun ludvig


i draw with my eyes closed. all my designs begin that way. if it's good it won't leave me. i don't think modern fashion and traditional knitwear are all that different. if a sweater stays in my mind, i know there is something to it.