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t-shirt with hole pattern and v-neck

a key wardrobe foundation piece. this light-weight organic wool t-shirt is knitted for a slim fit and has a flattering v-neckline. the raw edges and the uneven knit add the needed cool-factor. all levels of treatment of the wool are certified organic and no chemicals are used in the dyeing process. we even have a certification saying that the sheep have been treated well and that they have only eaten organic grass....    wear yours tucked into jeans or under a slinky maxi dress.

100% organic wool.

style no. 11750

quality knitwear

quality knitwear wasn´t always a luxury for the chosen few. in fact quite the opposite – it used to be the norm all over the world. what happened?

garment care

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washing instructions

There is an old saying in the Faroe Islands: “Wool is the gold of the Faroe Islands”. Faroese wool has a rich texture and is naturally rich in lanolin, which makes it water resistant. The richness of lanolin also makes it dirt resistant. The wool we use has not been chemically treated.

Additionally to being exceptionally warm and comfortable, wool also has the unique quality of being able to contain up to 35% water without feeling wet.

One notable feature of the Faroese sheep is the variety of natural colors: white or cream, black, brown and a variety of grey colors.

traditional line and
eco-wool line

the best thing to do is to hang the item outside - preferably in misty weather. the faroese wool has a rich texture and is naturally rich in lanolin, which makes it water resistant. the richness of lanolin also makes it dirt resistant.

if however you find it necessary to wash the item, wash it at 30 degrees celsius in the washing machine, using a wool program and adding a small amount of wool soap, and then flat dry in desired shape. remove excess water with a towel by laying the item on a towel and rolling it up jelly-roll style, squeezing and pressing gently. unroll then, leave in fresh air to dry.



gentle hand-wash in lukewarm water is recommended. let it dry flat in desired shape. if you prefer to wash it in a machine then follow the instructions mentioned in the previous section or dry clean.



gentle hand-wash is preferred and flat dry in desired shape – otherwise dry cleaning. do not use washing machine or tumble dryer.


loose knit

we recommend hand washing. it is important to treat the item with care and not to rub it too roughly. afterwards flat dry.


lamb skin

slightly stained lamb skin can be self-cleaning and over a period of time it gets more patina. for a more general cleaning we advise dry cleaning.

shipping and returns

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