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autumn winter 2021

some say
the faroe islands are small. comparatively, it's true.
but try standing between these mountain tops –
who's small now?

and what's that hiding in the fog? is it a cairn? a friendly troll? a tombstone with your name on it? walking in the fog is like walking in your subconsciousness. where do you go? how do you get out? but have no fear … when autumn comes, and the air will crisp, you'll see it clear – the mountains mirror you. 


once again, nature provided us with raw materials: alpaca from peru as soft as butter, certified mohair from south africa, and of course – wool from faroese sheep who graze in the mountains and sleep under the stars.

the designs are clean and laid-back. a mix of old and new. this time we see a fresh take on the iconic star pattern, traditional cable techniques combined with lost stitched, big bold designs as well as mohair styles – light as a feather with hand-spun details. the aw 21 colour palette consists of natural and douche.



who knitted these beauties? the women of the faroe islands and the women of the world. we have communities in peru and jordan, and for these women, knitting equals food on the table and university fees for their children. why? because empowerment starts with earning your own money.