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Traditional line

The traditional line or the popular line we might call it, as it is our most popular series.

The wool gives you a pleasant warm and the fit of these hand-knitted items is remarkable, as it seems to fit everybody. The series comes in the Faroese wool version, which you might call the raw version and the soft alpaca version. Even though these items feel light wearing they will easily keep the cold away and embrace you with comfort and warmth on a chilly day.

We might add the hats in this line are part of a women's development project and that the charity organization producing the hats donates the full amount of the production for various girls and women projects around the globe.

More about Gudrun&Gudrun traditional sweaters

The Gudrun&Gudrun traditional sweater was made popular by the tv series The Killing, but it is inspired by traditions of the Faroe Islands, which date back to long before the filming started. To many, this traditional Gudrun and Gudrun sweater is a symbol of the combination of aesthetics and quality materials, which so many people cherish from the Gudrun&Gudrun brand. On this page, you can order the traditional sweater for women, but you can also find the traditional Gudrun sweater for men and for kids.

Buy Gudrun and Gudrun traditional sweaters online here, or get inspired by the designs and their beauty. Remember that Gudrun&Gudrun has so much more than these traditional sweaters - indeed, there is a large selection of garments for different occasions.

If you are interested in learning more about Gudrun & Gudrun traditional sweaters and the brand behind these works of art, you can go to our About page here >>
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