the colour
of summer.

in the faroe islands the winters are long and dark, while summer is bright and intense. and with the sun never really going down, summer fills us with immense energy. but summer is short, making it the season for spontaneity. long in to the nights you'll hear children playing outside, and out in the meadows, same goes for little lambs.

the ss 21 colour palette consists of pale pastels in hues of white, beige, and rose – combined with a splash of colour here and there, mirroring the spontaneity of summer.

why wool will keep you cool

some say wool is warm, and that's that. but nothing could be further from the truth. actually cotton is the one not ideal for summer, since it absorbs sweat. lightweight wool on the other hand wicks sweat away from the skin, keeping you both dry and cool. and as an added bonus – it won't wrinkle like cotton.

new discoveries

for the sake of sustainability we keep exploring new ways of incorporating waste products in our production. did you know that milk – yes, milk – leaves a waste product, that, when spun to fibers and knitted, produces a beautiful yarn with the most luxurious silk-like feel, making it perfect for summer? we have stars in our eyes.

our newest collection is an homage to the season of all seasons.