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Dresses and skirts

All dresses will be specially made for you with 100% natural soft yarn. The pictures you see are from our archive - we only produce the dresses when ordered. Therefore we are able to customize the dresses for your specific size. You might be a size medium, but a bit shorter than medium normal comes. You just tell us - and we make sure that the dress will be made so that it fits you perfectly.

Social Enterprise through natural material fashion

Gudrun & Gudrun is a social enterprise. We care deeply about organic fashion as well as the working conditions of our employees. Therefore everything we create is produced through our Women Empowerment program. We want to make the world a better place. It's quite a quest - we know. But It all starts with our own organisation and the amazing people we employ. Therefore we are proud to be a slow fashion company - because it means that we can give the highest working conditions to our employees and still present you with high end nordic fashion created with 100% natural materials.

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