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The traditional line

The traditional collection with the characteristic star pattern is our most popular collection ever. The traditional styles are hand-knitted from 100 % organic Faroese wool which is neither dyed nor treated with any chemicals. The line is also available in a softer alpaca version. The colours are the natural colours of the sheep.

Bear in mind that the material does stretch. A small does fit a women using bra size 75B (Europe) and 34A (US)

Sizing can be difficult as we are dealing with hand-knit. Sizes will vary a bit since every sweater is hand-knitted. Be aware that the sweater will get almost one size bigger when used. The sweater is supposed to be tight - we use to say that the sleeves are to be smeared on to get the correct fit.

Here are some approximate measures.


The best thing to do is to hang the item outside - preferably in misty weather. If however you find it necessary to wash the item, wash it at 30 degrees Celsius in the washing machine, using a wool program and adding just little bit of wool soap, and then flat dry in desired shape. Remove excess water with a towel by laying the item on a towel and rolling it up jelly-roll style, squeezing and pressing gently. Unroll then, leave in fresh air to dry.  

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