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Capsule menswear collection from Guðrun & Guðrun with a hint of ACF

12 October 2016
introducing the capsule menswear collection from hand knit specialists Guðrun & Guðrun. In this collection Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh, the duo behind Artcomesfirst were consulted and worked on the creative direction of the collection with the designers.

craft + heritage = menswear - add in the Faroe islands and you get rich & pure utilitarian garments with substance.

this is a practical and stylish, yet essential knit capsule collection. for father, brother & son, three generations of style & tradition.
we wanted to look at knit as a all year around piece, so we broke the collection down in 3 groups:


This gives a clear direction of the collection, in the way we are using knit as if it was the only piece of clothing you could wear.

Maybe as a t-shirt or polo for the relaxed part of the collection, for an easy going, casual kind of feeling.

smart is the button up shirt look, clean and minimal that can be worn both as outerwear or inner wear.

on the sharp side we have a more suited feeling, were you can use them as a twin set or heavier piece worn with the suiting feeling. most of these pieces are more suitable for outwear.

there is one common feature in the whole collection - it’s the core crafted detail of the hand knits and the yarn diversity based on the tradition of which the brand is born.
You can see how the heritage is kept through the pieces in style, techniques and colours, yet with a modern twist for today’s gentleman.

you will find prints, textured techniques, tailored details, patch work and play on the silhouette, an easy palette to go with every piece of any gentleman’s wardrobe without loosing one’s style.

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