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Knitting for Freedom

09 September 2016
This summer International Business Times did a piece about our women’s empowerment project in Jordan. The article was about how Jordanian women have the opportunity to do work for Guðrun & Guðrun to earn money and still be able to be a homemaker
(read also our last blogpost about the women’s empowerment project here )

The main story by IMB is that several female refugees from Syria have joined us in Jordan as a step towards regaining their freedom.

Currently there are 644,217 UNHCR-registered Syrian refugees in Jordan, of which 36% are in female-headed households, IMB writes in the article. These are disproportionately affected by the ongoing conflict, both within Syria and beyond.
Refugees find it difficult to support themselves financially due to already-stretched resources in Jordan. Particularly women, due to entrenched social stigma, have trouble supporting themselves financially and are especially vulnerable to exploitation.

This is where Guðrun & Guðrun’s project in Jordan comes in. There has not been an active recruitment of these refugee women but rather the other way around. The Syrian women who have made it into Amman have heard about this opportunity for work and then contacted our Jordanian project coordinator Hind Hammougah in their search for a new start and independence.  

read the article in full here

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